TBird 2002 Problems!!

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Shortly, the reintroduced Tbird for 2002 will have reached its first anniversary. I thought it might be beneficial to start listing any new model or disappointment issues that may have arisin over this first year. I have the yellow, white hardtop, premium, full interior, and would make these comments: (1) Overall, my wife and I delight in our 2002 Bird!!, (2) the visors are tacky, including no light with mirror, (3) bucket seats & console could use more storage pockets, including a slot for cell phone, (4) no compass. I would add, that we have had no mechanical gliches so far with our Yellow Bird!!

These comments are a start, and hope this suggested new topic is only to for purpose of improving the TBird for all of us who are truly loyal to its tradition!!
Am I the only one to be unmoved by the sunvisor issue? Not worried about storage space, either. I agree a compass would have been nice. I had one in my last car and it was way more useful than I would have predicted.

My only real gripe is the lack of memory seats.

Plus, on my red/red premium, the trunk lid stood slightly proud of the rear fenders when closed. I had it adjusted, but it's still not 100% perfect. And there's some kind of plastic trunking assembly above the driver's ankles that's sagging down some. Doesn't look properly assembled to me.

My daughter's blue premium convertible is perfect in both areas. Her VIN is about 5000 later than mine, even thought we bought hers a month earlier. (Clearly mine was on a lot, with the dealer hoping for an ADM, which he didn't get.) So maybe there were build issues which have been perfected over time.

Mine is a hardtop, but I can't comment on hardtop issues because I picked the car up with the top down and left the hardtop itself at the dealers. (I'll go get it sometime.) I was thinking ahead - my wife isn't big enough to have helped me take it off, and I wanted the open-car experience right away. Never owned a convertible before.

But overall I'm completely happy with the car. Love the first-inch throttle response tuning and the exhaust megaphone effect around 2000 rpm. Cynical engineering, maybe, but the feel-good factor is huge.

And call me weird, but I wouldn't buy an '03, because of the V8 badging. Really tacky, IMO. A car is the sum of its details, and that's a bad one.
i too would like more storage space. i don't much care if it has sun visors, though the lighted ones in my windstar limited are much classier. would have liked more trunk room, but hey, i knew what i was getting into when i bought it.

Gary L Henkel
Fit and finish of both the hard top and the soft top can be an issue. There is wind noise behind the drivers ear on both. Today the service manager put his fingers inside the drivers side of the soft top and said he pulled out the weatherstripping...he and I have no other clue on how to fix this other than to replace the complete weatherstripping on the drivers side.
Thanks for the feedback to my initial post. To tleslie, I have yet to adequately test the hardtop, so far only using the softtop, with no complaints with it. I will likely be testing out the hardtop during the winter months, and hope all goes well with its fit and sound protection.
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