Tape Strips For The Rear Deck

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I just called my Ford dealer to get a set of the strips for the rear deck so that I can put mu hardtop on. Here I thought they were just going to give them to me---in fact they want 50 bucks for the stupid things! I think this is outrageous--Ford should be giving them out to any T-Bird owner that needs them. What did you other guys in this situation do? Should I stomp my feet until I get them for free? Let me know. Thanks

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Call Larry Fisher at FORD Wixom plant at 248-344-5836 if you did not get the strips with your car from the factory and he will arrange to get you them.You can E-Mail to lfisher@ford.com
Call or email Larry Fisher at the Wixom Plant
lfisher@ford.com or 248-344 5836. He will get you them if your car didn't have them in the trunk when delivered originally.
If your car, like mine was delivered before the tape kits were being shipped with the units, then your dealer is supposed to supply you with one kit (4 applications) and file a warranty claim to recoup their money. Dealer should be looking at TSB explaining this to them.

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My car came without strips and the dealer said he would order them and it would only cost me $50.
When the strips came in, I took a printed copy of the postings from the forum. These showed that various dealers were giving these kits to their customers and submiting claims for them to Ford.
He immediately said "they're yours, I'll take care of it".
The old addage, if you don't ask, you don't get.
Originally posted by George:
The old addage, if you don't ask, you don't get.[/B]

How about there are a lot of crooked con artists in the world that will go out for beer and hot wings at Hooter's after work with your 50 bucks?
I spoke to Larry today at the Wixom plant. He said was NOT able to send the tape strips as was indicated in a previous post. He said everyone needed to contact their dealer to obtain the strips. They ARE covered under warranty.
I would think the more likely scenario is the dealer collecting $50 from the customer, and then submitting the warrently claim and collecting $50 from FoMoCo also.

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FUN X 3,

I think that is what TBird meant in his post. Collect $50 from customer and then collect $50 from warranty also using your $50 at Hooters.

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I have a a hardtop question. My car did not come with one, but are all cars made so a hardtop can be put on? Or, did it have to be specially ordered to accept a hard top? In other words, would I be able to put a hardtop on my car or are the necessary holes and hooks or whatever not present?

With all the scratch problems people are having, I'm not even sure I'd want one. But if the right opportunity came along, I do like the way it looks with one on.

Does anyone have any pictures of the damage the hardtop can cause? I'd be interested in seeing exactly what happens.

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All of the cars will accept the hard top... Look for the (2) Pin holes (with notches)on the sides of the conv. top opening... With the top down... You also have (2) Screws in the top of the windshield Pillar..
The damage is scratches where the top meets the body... Some are minimal.. I have heard of some being severe..
I wanted to install my hardtop today, so I got out the tape kit that came with the car. It was virtually impossible to lay the tape down without bubbles and creases. But I thought, what the hay, the top will cover the tape anyway. Wrong. Especially on the sides, the tape shows. So, before I locked down the levers, I pull the darn stuff off.

I didn't have much paint damage from the factory, so I'm hoping that by cleaning it good this time before locking it down will lead to minimal damage this time. What a pain. You would think if they went to the trouble to have the tape pieces cut for this car, they would actually measure for what is needed.
just follow the link below....

I have the front bumper, hood and headlamp kit currently installed.

Next week I am having the rear deck and rear bumper kit added.

A great product, vitually invisible (inspiration yellow) and the bugs wipe right off.

I had mine done by a local installer, others have done their own cars.

This product gets my vote.

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I am having the X-Pel system installed today on my front Bumper and deck to prevent scratches.
I see that a TSB from Ford was alluded to in a previous post. Is there DEFINITELY a TSB about the kit? Please let me know because my dealer is saying that no such TSB exists.
On the TSB. I just found out the other day that I had been mis-led by a Ford technician. No their is no such TSB from Ford. Sorry for the inaccurate info.

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I went to my dealer today and told them there was a TSB out for the tape but they could not find one.I told them I would bring in a copy of this forum. They gave me a set out of the trunk of one of the new birds on the lot.I`m going in Sat. for an oil change, I guess I`m going to have a lot of slanning to do Lucy. Does this mean it is not a warranty claim?
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