T-top T-bird?

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I was talking to a buddy of mine tonite, telling him of my impending bird, and he asked if it was a t-top. I laughed and told him that the t-bird was never made in a t-top. Am I right? Please help!

Yelllow/Yellow Premium w/ partial interior
VIN # 6798
1978 T-Birds were offered thru the dealers
as a factory option with T-tops, they were
custom fitted by a Detroit area supplier
American Sunroof Corp. I believe the 1977
and 1979's were also included. There was
a moonroof also converted by the same Co.
The car was delivered to the selling dealer
with these additional options. They were
listed on the window sticker and invoice as
though Wixom did it but they were sublet.
I am not sure but some T-birds were beginning
to be built in other plants because those
were high volume years for T-bird sales.
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