T Birds are not Billboards

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This is a pet peave of mine so I hope I don't offend anyone. After looking at a picture on this site I noticed a Bird with a dealer sticker on the back bumper. These cars are ours not the dealers. Let them advertise on someting else. You wouldn't buy an expensive suit and walk around without removing the manufactures lable from the sleeve. Get them off the cars before they cause damage or get too old and cannot be removed. This goes for the license plate frames with the dealers names on them too. Spring for a couple of bucks and get a nice plain one. Ford did not even put their name on the car, so the dealers shouldn't either.

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I agree! When I picked up my car, it had the dealer sticker on the back...a bright yellow sunrise with their name across it...hideous. I told them to take it off, they took the car to be detailed, they brought it back and the sticker was still on it. I told them to go take it off, again, and they acted miffed but finally did remove it. I can't believe anyone would even put one of those on this car...it's sacrilege.
In Massachusetts the dealers need signed permission from the purchaser or no advertising of any kind may be placed on the vehicle. Needless to say they didn't get mine.

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I told my dealer not to stick anything on the car and he said no problem. When I got the car there were no stickers or license plate frame.
Absolutely no way would a decal/advertisement be on any of my cars. I have told every dealer I have ever dealt with, unless they want to give me 20-30$ a month for advertisement, they better keep it and any ads off of my car. I hate that and like someone said , especially on a car like ours.
Normally dealers (even my dealer) automatically put one of their name plates in the front license plate holder + a rear bumper sticker.

I noticed that on my bird the dealer expressly called to tell me they would not be doing this.

The reason is simple, it was to avoid destroying the look of the car.. And the fact they wanted to keep me happy.

Its nice of a dealer to recognize that the value in advertising in this case is with the owner of the vehicle and not in the amount of signs you can attach to the vehicle.
My dealer made an interesting comment about dealer identification.
He said " With the Thunderbird, you and the car are our best advertisment".We wouldn't want dealer identification on it.
I told the dealer not to put a sticker on the car and he complied...he gave me a rear license plate bracket, mainly to hold onto the temp plate. When I brought the car back for the real plates, he offered to take the bracket off, but I told him to leave it on.

I made my dealer promise not to put his logo on the car during the negotiation process. He said no problem. He did attach the temporary plate with a license plate frame with his logo. Thought it was kind of cute though as is said "This car $tolen from Starr Motor Co.". I left it on till the other day when my personalized tag came in. Now I have a nice chrome frame and plate protector on it.


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It took almost two months for the DMV to mail my new plates. I decided to leave the dealer plate on the rear mount for that period because the temporary registration is a small, hard-to-see windshield sticker, and I reasoned the dealer plate would lessen the chance of getting pulled over for not being registered. Don't know if it helped, but no one stopped me or left a citation for the first 1000 miles. The dealer plate and frame come off Friday when I swap the standard plate for my personalized one.
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