T-birding in Washington DC

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This is mostly for my fellow T-bird drivers in the DC area, as well as those of you who might be coming to our nation's capital for a visit. I wanted to share with you a superb T-bird driving experience...

Yesterday evening I had the perfect T-bird ride. I drove the length of the George Washington Memorial Parkway and back. The GW Parkway is about 25 miles long, running along the Virginia side of the Potomac River, from I-495 northwest of DC to Mount Vernon, home of George Washington. It was 88 degrees when I started; 70 when I got home at dark. Low humidity. Top down, obviously.

The GW Parkway is one of the most beautiful city roads in our country. It is virtually bump-free, not to mention pothole-free, for its entire length. The ride is mostly through parkland -- heavily shaded with occasional views of the river. In just a few hours, I took in the following:
- The Georgetown skyline
- The bridges into DC (Key, Roosevelt, Memorial, 14th Street)
- Theodore Roosevelt Island
- The DC monuments
- Gravelly Point (where you can park and watch the jets at Ronald Reagan National Airport take off and land right over your head).
- Daingerfield Island (the sailing marina).
- Old Town Alexandria (the only urban area on the entire parkway; packed with pedestrians).
- Numerous overlooks where you can pull over and enjoy the views.
- and, of course, the home of our first president at the end of the parkway.

At the Fort Washington overlook, I pulled over and there were only two cars. One was a black 1964 Thunderbird in beautiful condition. The other was my blue 2002 T-bird. Also in beautiful condition.
Both parked parallel to the parkway. Lots of people rubber necking as they drove past. The owner of the '64 must have been taking a walk along the river. Never got to meet him (or her). I checked out the older T-bird for a while and then walked across the parkway to look back and take in the view. What a sight -- the old and new T-birds bumper-to-bumper, with the Potomac River in the background. George Washington, I believe, would have nodded in approval.

On my return ride, I saw a black 2002 T-bird on the road. Passed him. Why that fellow had his soft top up was hard to figure out. We waved to each other. I felt lucky to have seen two T-birds on the same ride.

The comments I received over the course of my ride were great. An older gentleman in Old Town crossed the street, looked back, and said "I love your car". "That makes two of us", I said. At Gravelly Point, a father and son sat on the back of a pickup truck watching the airplanes. The father said to his admiring son, "That's the new Thunderbird". At Mount Vernon, a guy in a big SUV literally stopped in the traffic circle in front of George Washington's home to check out my T-bird. Near Georgetown, a younger guy walked right up to me and said, "That is one beautiful car, man." Another fellow walking on the bikepath simply held up two fingers in a "V". I V'ed him back.

If you live near DC or if you are visiting or if you are even thinking about visiting, do yourself a big favor and drive the GW Parkway in your T-bird. A vivid reminder of why you bought your car.

Here's wishing all of you a happy and safe Independence Day.

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I travel GW parkway almost everyday. I live in Old Town Alexandria. I have to agree it is one of the nicest roads in the area. Light traffic, beautiful scenery and river views. Although, that was not me that passed you, I know that there at least 3 Birds in Old Town. A Red and 2 Blacks including mine. I am sure that the driver of the other Tbird would have loved to have had his top down, but he was probably with a girlfriend that didn't want her hair messed up before a night on the town.
I had an interesting drive in the DC area two weeks ago. I was returning to from Radford, Va. to northern Virginia on Route 66 near The Plains in my whisper white . Had the cruise control set to 70. It was 6:15 in the evening. Had the top down and was listening to my favorite music, Hawaiian slack key guitar. (I'm originally from Hawaii.) Fantastic evening. Until..........A deer ran in front of my month old car!!!!! Argghhhhh!!!! I sped up to 80 and swerved off the road in front of the deer to the left. Heard bumps as the tires rattled over the warning strip and saw a puff of dirt as I left the roadway. Managed to keep control the whole time, and, unbelievably, missed the deer entirely. Saw it in my rear view mirror as it ran across the road the other way. I had to stop the car to look it all over. Couldn't believe I got away without a ding!!! Talk about control and manueverability!!!!! My 94 Mustang, which I traded in for the Tbird would, no doubt, have been flattened, with me knocking on the pearly gates. So, watch out for deer if you're near D.C.!!!! Or anywhere else, for that matter.
Great to hear of your driving adventures around DC. Our daughter lives in the District, but we haven't been brave enough to take our Bird there yet. GW Parkway is a great cruise-we'll give it a try soon.

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