T-Bird Plant Tour

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Call Dave Davis at the Wixom plant...248-344-5359. He is a terrific guy....a retired Ford employee who works part-time conducting plant tours. You will propably have to leave a phone mail, but he returns them promptly.

blue/blue/full blue prem
Vin 16050;Rotation 5856
Delivered 4/29
We made the tour with 02BIRDOH on June 5/02 and saw my car complete ready to ship and 02BIRDOH on the line!
Dave's tour is really great. Worth the long wait to see your car on the line not just pick one at the dealers!
It was great to see the assembly, quality assurance testing, the organization and especially the attitude of most of the UAW folks.
I can say thanks to these folks, as they demonstated to me that 'quality is job 1'!!! They look happy and the working conditions seem great. They look proud of their product and seemed for the most part honestly happy for us the purchasers.

Dot if you read this you should try to get a tour and write something nice on your site!

I am even happier that I did make this purchase than I ever was.

Thanks Wixom UAW guys and gals, Ford Management types and especially Dave our tour guide for allowing us such a great experience.
I couldn't have stated it better. The experience at Wixom was more than fantastic.
Our computer was down for repairs until yesterday,sorry for the late reply.
The time we spent with you and Dave will be long remembered.
We got our baby Tuesday June 11th and SHE is more than I even expected.

Talk to you on the forum.


I'm doing the tour with Dave Davis at the Wixom Plant on Wednesday, June 19. I will be able to see my car on the production line!

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Well folks, I did the tour today. I saw my baby at the hospital. She was in the womb and developing just fine. There still were a few missing parts that hadn't found their new home.

Actually the tour was FANTASTIC!! Thanks to Dave Davis for the personal tour and to all of the people on the line for allowing me to intrude on their work space.

redbird, I appreciate your watching over my Bird. Hopefully it made it off the assembly line without a hitch.

I recommend the tour to everyone! I was impressed with the entire plant operation.

Blue/Blue/Full Blue/ Premium/VIN 121065
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