T-bird Photos

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TXKTOM Your pics sure make me glad I ordered the Torch red. Missing lights probably indicative of a Canada car.

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The missing lights do NOT necessarily mean it's a Canadian Car. Remember, they are an option, albeit a no cost one, but an option non-the-less. Some people or dealers just didn't check the box. You'll find a number of cars without the lights, but don't jsut assume they are ex-Canadian cars.
Yes the missing lights don't mean much. See pics on the yahoo site of the red bird. I took these at my dealer here in York Pa. Was his 2ed car to come in. My salesman didn't know why it didn't have the lights, but he didn't sell that car.

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You will note that in one of the pictures toward the bottom, the selling dealer was Texan Ford, Katy, Texas--a very long way from Canada. I'm going to go by Team Autoplex tomorrow in Ol Blue 6160 and check out this red bird first hand. I'll see what they want for it.
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