T-bird - Passenger Air Bag - de-activate?

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Ken in San Diego

At the SD auto show, we sat in the new T-bird. We noticed a key switch in the dash to de-activate the passenger air bag.

Can you de-activate the air bag with your car key?

This would be great if you want to take your child for a ride?

The Ford T-bird web site is confusing about this. It says de-activate for rear facing car seat and also says put a child in a rear seat. Of course, there is no rear seat in a
2 seater t-bird. Make you wonder if they can't get that correct, what else are they messing up.

I wish Ford also had this key switch on other
products, such as a cut-away chassis for class C motor homes. I have been told that some pick-up trucks have passenger airbag de-activate switch.

Ken in SD
Thinking about a T-bird
Any automobile with no rear seats (normally trucks) has an airbag shutoff switch for the passenger side.
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