T-Bird on tv last night

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Tbird Lover

Last night on the show "American Icon" on Fox (a reality show where they are trying to find the next pop star), they showed Simon, one of the judges, driving topless in MY CAR! A red 2002 Thunderbird! First close up from the front while he had a conversation with the passenger, then showing him driving off down the road. Too cool.
I saw that segment of the show, too, last night. It was a unique angle to have the cameras mounted on the hood of the car, looking through the windshield, as they drove down a street in Los Angeles, with the palm trees in the background. It was a very pretty sight!

I wonder if we can get the VIN number and other information for RTBRD?
This morning, Motor trend TV had a 1 year update on their "Car of the Year" - a red beauty. Duane
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