T-Bird, Maserati sightings in Kansas

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Dec 11, 2001
While returning to Springfield IL from Wichita Kansas today we spotted two T-Birds on Interstate 35. The first was a yellow-white 10 miles east of Wichita at 9:30AM heading west. No further description as the lower portions of the car were hidden by the concrete highway divider. Further down the road about 35 miles west of Kansas City still on I-35 was a black premium convertible, top down also heading west at 11:30AM. Hi to anyone who may recognize themselves.
Note to mike biddle: Near Emporia KS we caught up to a light yellow Chrysler Maserati TC, Texas license number ZBN 36N, being towed behind a white Chevy Metro van with Iowa license plates. Car looked to be in excellent condition with a tan interior. Hard to get too many details at 70 mph. Driver wearing a straw hat. Anyone you might know?

Yellow premium, full accent 4127
no, doesn't ring a bell but I'll put out word on my newsgroup if anybody knows about it.
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