T-bird items and clothing

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Anyone have any good URLs or other leads where I can find T-bird items - like splash guards behind the wheels, shirts, caps, etc for the new T-birds?

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Splash guards. There is something that used to be on all cars and now is hardly found on any, not even trucks.

I do hate that that little lower part of the car gets so dirty. I have thought about putting splash guards on, but have kept talking myself out of it very quickly. Anyone else have 2 cents on what they would look like?
I would consider splash guards if they were made for the Bird and blended in nicely not just a set of rubber guards that hang down, those to me look tacky.
I am looking at putting the 3M clear plastic behind the rear wheels on the part that rolls under. That will keep rock, etc from chipping the paint. Local shop said about $20.00 cut and installed.

Bill's Red and White #4359
I like that idea. With the body line it should not be very noticable (less then splash guards) and I would not feel like I'm scratching my car when I quick detail that always dirty area.

Can this be removed for when you want the car to look more original? Or once it is removed you would have to do it over again?
Why does Ford have to charge SO much for its apparel? I mean $79 for a polo???

I believe in making a fair profit but come on. Let us wear your logo proudly and still be able to buy the baby shoes...

Besides, there were some neat shirts for the ladies last summer and everytime SOLD OUT.
hey, NuttyG, that $79 polo is some kind of special material. It's like astronaut quality instead of a cotton-blend. Ford must not realize we've blown our bucks on the car and memorabilia. Plus the logo on the shirt is so tiny, subtle.
Has anyone received the Spring catalog?

One would think, as bright as we all are, that we could come up with a design for a t-shirt, polo, whatever. Best I can come up with now is when my car comes I'm taking a picture, adding a cheesy caption, printing it on my color laser to some of those iron-on sheets and making my own.
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