T-Bird Insurance

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Ijust received my auto insurance bill.They have classified the Bird as a sports car. My
policy for 6 months with 100/300 and 500 deductible is $433.00. How does that compare
with other members insurance?

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I picked up my T-bird in early June. My premium is actually a bit less than what you described -- HOWEVER -- my insurance company sent me a form letter stating that my insurance will go up at the end of the current 6-month period because the T-bird has been classified as a "high performance" vehicle. I don't know what the new premium will be but I am bracing myself, not to mention keeping my fingers crossed.

Museumprod, do you care to share the name of your insurance company. I may be hunting around for a new insurer in a couple months! I know absolutely nothing about the insurance industry (whew, a good thing) but I imagine that vehicle classification is basically the same for all insurers(?)
Allstate hit me up for 407 every 6 months. Hartford Insurance thru AARP is a lot cheaper if you are 50 plus.
Don't complain, I am 28 with a good driving record and my wife is 23 with a horrible record (6 tickets and an accident in the last 3 years).
I'm going to be paying around $750/ 6 months!! OUCH
Originally posted by jgaffney:
(6 tickets

I have never understood why people speed while they are in town or normal travel. If you are traveling to work 15 miles and you go 10 or 20 miles per hour the entire way faster, you are not going to get there that far ahead of the guy driving the speed limit. Do the math! It's just a mental thing, people think they are getting there quicker, I have not had a ticket since I was 16. I have been lucky enough to be accident free also.
I live in San Francisco, which means I pay out the nostrils for insurance. I'm a 46-year-old female with no tickets or accidents ever, been with AAA for 15 years, have a multiple-car "discount," and I pay $1441 yearly. YIKES!!!!
I have you all beat. I just received my renewal in the mail and it is now $1044 every six months. They hicked my bill by $600 per year. I have had nothing new on my record. They just seemed to want more money for nothing. I am definately looking elsewhere.
I had to look as you all got my curiosity up. I have full coverage including $100 deductible collision, road service... My bill is $585 per 6 months. Now of course I get it as I am an old man with an "old" wife. So far State Farm has been good to me.

My insurance bill with State Farm is $1650 a year for all 3 vehicles with full coverage on all 3. Not bad. 98 Taurus, 99 F150 4x4, and the Bird.

Yellow/Yellow Prem. 02 Bird w/full accent
1999 F150 Super Cab 4x4 Off Road
1998 Taurus SE Sport 24V
Originally posted by icrovop:
I have you all beat. I just received my renewal in the mail and it is now $1044 every six months. They hicked my bill by $600 per year. I have had nothing new on my record. They just seemed to want more money for nothing. I am definately looking elsewhere.

You can start by looking at State Farm on a vehicle like this. They insure half the cars in the US. It is common for small insurance companies to underestimate the cost to insure a car the first model year, and then adjust it. I remember hearing lots of complaints on this!
My insurance on the bird is $394 every 6 months with great coverage from Farm Bureau insuance. I am 55 this next month and have had no tickets for a few years. I guess they are considering me an aarp now and giving me better rates. Is this Heaven? No it's Iowa!!!
You are scaring me since I live in the same area as you. The form letter I got from Traveler's telling me my rate is going to increase is rather ominous, I'm afraid. If you find something really good price-wise, let us (me in particular) know please. I will not know my increase until mid-August or so. I just hope I don't get a "San Francisco treat" like pbocciardi, or worse yet, like you.

You folks in the over-55 crowd are leaving us young guys (er, kinda-sorta young in my case) in the poor house. Ouch.
My insurance company is AARP Hartford and
I receive a multi-car discount and good driver discount. I guess the $433 every six months is OK. I know a lot depends on the area of the country in which you live. I used to live in the Washington,DC area so I know that's pretty high. I have insured with Hartford for about 10 years and have had three claims. They were efficient with no hassle in setttling teh claims.
Originally posted by MUSEUMPROD:
I know a lot depends on the area of the country in which you live.

It even depends on the COUNTY you live it! I move from one county to another and my insurance rate dropped 10 percent!

Our rate on the T-bird is $908/year with two teenage sons, one who totalled a truck in Jan. of this year (his fault). We also have two other vehicles insured. It will probably be less when the car gets stored for a few months.
Hey everyone. Wow some of those rates are crazy. How many miles do you drive your car a year? If your tbird is a weekend car then it might qualify as a low milage vehicle. My 55 tbird is insured through a collector car insurer as a lowmilage vehicle. That means that I only drive it a few thousand miles a year and unlimited to shows. And with a classic like mine insured for about $25000 I pay $112 a year. No thats not a typo. I don't remember who is insuring mine, I would have to look but there are alot out there. The first one that came to mind was http://lelandwest.com/

Give it a try.
I'm in the Galveston Houston area and insurance rates are definitely higher here. Am 55, and am insured by AIG. Rate is $500 per 6 months. I thought that was high until I read this thread!!
We are taking delivery of our yellow/white bird tomorrow evening. I didn't even think of what the insurance will cost. Called AARP/Hartford today to insure and they said they would send to underwriter and get a rate to me in about 4 weeks. The reason for the "high performance sports car" is they go by weight, price of car and what it is going to cost to repair. She did say that if we don't drive in winter to call and get cheaper rates for storage. I'll let you all know in about 4 weeks. (ps we got a 2002 Lexus LX470 large suv and our ins for that is $473/6 mos.) Happy Motoring
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