T Bird in for servivce...Interesting thing happened.

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Brought the car in for that strange sound coming from the front of the car, near the windshield or dash....I posted this before...happens about 80mph...Anyway...all the dealer had to do was clue down the weather strip on the bottom of the windshield....a six inch piece was loose and causing the problem...After sitting for thirty minutes the service rep came over and sad they can't work on the car till they get permission from Ford. It seems that all dealers are being told to let the factory know of any problems with the T Birds before attempting any fix. They want to stay on top of quality control...Ten minutes latter they got the okay and fixed the problm.


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Originally posted by stevem:
After sitting for thirty minutes the service rep came over and sad they can't work on the car till they get permission from Ford.

No offense to you, but does anyone else think this service department was jerking his chain so they didn't have to explain why it took them all day to glue a weatherstrip down? Sounds like a service department story to me. Any service advisors in the house?

I hope what you say is true but, I have my doubts. When I brought mine in for a routine oil change at the dealer, the service tech found a leaking rear differential seal. Fixed it immediately with a Mustang part (interchangeable with the T- Bird). No calls to Ford or any one else. Of course, this goes on the car's permanent record and I am sure that Ford gets some kind of summary at some point.
What a great idea to get immediate feedback on quality issues. Prior approval on all claims in selected categories would let service engineering alert the Wixom quality managers. They could check the processes and equipment within minutes of a concern being found.
By the time mama's Bird hatches, the product should be perfect. Sorry you had to wait 10 minutes for prior approval, but the results pay benefits to the rest of us.
It may be possible. I know for a fact that Ford is asking that every part that is replaced on a Thunderbird be shipped back for quality control issues. My dealer received a call from Ford immediately after a warranty emergency part was ordered for my T-Bird. The brushed aluminum trim above the glove box had a small scratch in it from the factory. When the parts department placed the emergency order on line a Ford warranty Rep. called the dealership within minutes and told the Service Manager to ship the part back ASAP. He told the Service Manager that they would be asking for all replaced parts to be returned.
When the dealership replaced my driver side door panel due to scratches, the service manager showed me an e-mail he received from Ford requesting the return of the parts for QA. So, Ford appears to be tracking QA issues as near to real time as they can.
I telephoned the service technician assigned to my bird and told him what was causing the windshield noise as described in the earlier post. Site unseen, he ordered the part that same day and put it on when I brought Dog Bird in for the body work last Friday. He said the entire piece snaps in place and should sit flush. I hope the glue keep your part down over time.
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