T Bird caused accident

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My wife told me this afternoon that while she was driving and man pulled up on the right side gave a thumbs up and was rolling down his window when he hit a bus....Wasn't hurt...the bus was starting to move after it pickewd someone up.I'm sure there will be many stories like this.


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Yes, but the reason for the accident was not the T-bird, but the idiot driving the car. Personally, it takes a $100,000+ car to turn my head or some short shorts. (Just kidding)I remember when I had one of the first 4.6 8 cylinder Mustangs in the area and people would ask me about it constantly at red lights.

Hey, I've seen people veering off into the other lane. Good thing there wasn't another car there.

Our Bird is turning heads wherever we go and honey, I don't dare put on short-shorts, Ha!

We get such a kick at watching peoples reactions, we keep tryng think of new places to take it just for fun, fun, fun,!

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Does this mean I'm gonna have to find insurance for those of you with 02s on next year's trip down 66?

I have about 30 02 owners that want to participate already!

Defensive driving course should be required with this car. I have similar stories to tell. Oh what fun!!!

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Birdman, when will we get some info on this trip. I am already getting very excited about this trip, always wanted to do it on my bike, but that can wait now.....The only major decision we have to make is if we leave our hard tops at home. (no place to store them) Joy

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