T-Bird Best Convertible

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Mar 27, 2001
Check out Motor Week at www.motorweek.org
They have the T-Bird road test and they also selected the T-Bird as the best convertible.

Look under "drivers choice awards"

jawill I guess we are not as up to date as you people in the east. With all due respect.
Jim if I may, it's been a rough week. Have a great!!! weekend.
Somehow I had missed the first post, so was glad to see it here. I printed it out for the memorabilia journal I am putting together.

VIN 106587 White, White, with chrome hood scoop bezel
jt2233 BTW I managed to tape the Motor Week show segment but was very diappointed by the brevity. Seems like they only mentioned it as an aside with a quick shot of the Bird. Jim W.
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