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I just got my car, and I can't believe that the sun visor can't detach and swing to the side to block the sun!

This is rediculous! My Celica had a better visor!

(Also there is no vanity light in the mirror.)

Does anyone know if the visors can be upgraded either by Ford or through an aftermarket outfit?

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This has been a LONG sore spot for all of us. So far no upgrade ... we're hoping a subsequent year, or aftermarket source comes available. You forgot to mention those wonderful inconspicuous labels. Speaking of which, has anyone figured out how to remove them yet?
I would have liked a swinging visor, but the top-of-the-door windowline on the hardtop is so low, it pretty much takes care of the side sun. I'm thinking that a swinging visor large enough to be effective would be too large to fit into the "parked" space, and could actually be cumbersome to swing into place (???). I agree on the lights for the mirrors.

All in all, I'm still not paying any attention to the visors, or lack thereof, after 6100 miles (with an additional 200 to be added on the basketball trip Saturday). The rest of the car keeps my mind off of them.
I'll be at the Carolina game tomorrow. Driving in from Cary. My bird just like yours is on order. No VIN# yet. My wife and I ride the bus to the Dean Dome from the Friday Center park n ride just off 54. Will you be anywhere close? I'd love to get a look into my future.
Rats....wish I'd checked back in later last night. I drove Amadeus to the game---we park in the Craig deck off of Manning Drive. There'll be other times. Wish we could've hooked up.

Sorry we didn't make the connection this weekend. Maybe at another game soon or a time when you are in the Raleigh area. If you will drop me a line at, we can plan off the forum.

Sounds like a deal to me. The bank is closed next Monday for the holiday, and I'm not above making a trip to the Triangle for somebody to see the boy. I drove him to Apex back in November for a member of a weightlifing board on which I post to see while he was visiting his daughter and her family. He was visiting from NYC.
Please keep in mind that this is from a New Bird enthusiast, but not an owner. I finally got to sit & ride in one and then test drive it recently. Headroom is cozy for me (6'4"), but I managed to look at the much-maligned visors for a moment or two in the midst of looking at everything else at once! My brief impression is that the outboard attachment appears to be a standard L-shaped rod coming down from the header and going through the pocket in the visor. The inboard attachment looked to be a plastic piece which contained the other end of the visor rod. This may seem like blasphemy to disfigure the car, but can the inboard attaching clip be trimmed to allow the visor rod to come out? And if so, will the visor then pivot on the outboard upright section of the rod to swing out towards the door? It was just a thought - as I said, I was too busy grinning and admiring the rest of the car to concentrate too hard on a solution.

BTW, it has been said, many times, many ways, but this is ONE SWEET RIDE!
I envy you owners!

P.S. I was only looking around inside the car while a passenger - eyes on the road and environs only while driving!!

Dennis Grant
1960 HT 208K
1992 Sport 228K
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