Strange color Model Car

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My daughter gave me a model of the 2002 T-Bird, one which I have never seen before. It's made my Redbox and is 1:24 scale. It's a convertible only, no hardtop is supplied. It is supposedly a model of the original show carand in fact has the solid black interior with the aluminum center pod. What's different about this one is the color. It's dark metalic blue. To my knowledge, none of the show cars were painted this color and certainly no production car is this color. Has anyone ever seen this model?

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I picked up the same model but by motor max. It was $4.91 Canadian, I think I got it from Wal-mart.I like the colour.

Triple black, #2 of 2, Vin Less.
Actually, Redbox (MotorMax) used 2 different blues on their models - none even close to the Thunderbird blue which I think they may have been trying for. Both are metallic. The ones showing up on ebay recently from Canada, have been the dark teal color - rather pretty. The other blue is much more blue and came out in 2000 - that one could be found in loose packs of 4 cars, either with or without hardtops.

I have picture links on my diecast pages for both colors:
concept the 2nd listing for the MotorMax shows a blue one up close
and on the 2002 diecast page the MotorMax picture link shows the new teal color.
These cars are meant to be toys so manufacturers will probably come up with other colors that aren't even close to the original car colors.

Should add - Those models by White Rose for the baseball, football & college series are the exact same mold as these MotorMax and Redbox models.

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