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Storage in cold weather environment + Insurance

Discussion in '2002 - 2005 Ford Thunderbird' started by Powerplunge, Sep 26, 2017.

  1. New member here. just trying to figure out how to navigate everything. Little hesitant about posting, I don't want to ask questions regarding the same thing a post somewhere has been asked and answered. This is my first "fun" car, bought as a bucket list item and trying to figure out the best way to move forward. A few considerations that I am trying to wrap my arms around, Insurance recommendations for a car that will be sitting more than driving. (company? how to categorize for the best rates) Since I live in a cold weather environment, how best to store the car, and how often does it need to be started and ran during the winter to keep from having additional problems in the spring.
  2. Check this thread for some of your answers. :)
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  3. vinnie

    vinnie Aways Learning Lifetime Donor

    Check Hagerty for insurance. They offer reduced rates for retro birds as special interest vehicles provided it isn't your daily driver.
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  4. jjtbird

    jjtbird Lifetime Subscriber Lifetime Donor

    ....and you will have a guaranteed and agreed upon value, which is Great..
    I use them for all this type of car for that reason alone....
  5. Check Grundy too. They were a better premium and a higher agreed value for my '02. And I only have the one car on their policy. As for winter storage, definitely put the car on a battery tender. I often do this at other times when the car is not going to be used for long periods. I usually try to start and run it for a few minutes at least once per week or 2-3 times per month. And cover it of course.
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  6. I have all 3 of mine with Hagerty (with agreed value on them plus 100/300 liability and road service.) for my 02 Bird, 34 Chevy hot rod and 53 Ford F-100 Hot rod.

    My entire bill is less than $1200 for all 3 and I can put 2500 miles per year on each if I want. Bird was insured for 30K, F-100 for 30K and Chevy for 46K. Nobody could beat that.

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