Stay with 2002 or go for 2003 ?

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Since I don't have a vin yet(9 of 13) at dealership and the dealer has just received car # starting to have mixed feelings. The 2003 are supposed to have the "chrome strip" around the hardtop plus I believe I heard something about electric vs hydraulic in the cooling system. I have also heard about increased hp. Today I heard from a friend at the Ford dealer that the 4.6 litre/ 305 hp is also in the works. What about more options for the wheels?? Any help,suggestions,feedback etc; would be most helpful. blue/blue/premium/blk accent.

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Have you heard of a major price increase?
The Blue will be robin egg blue non mettallic, 285 HP, hopefully better chrome wheels, possible heated seats.
Hopefully no more orange peel. I have the same worry, my Blue Blue Full blue accent is scheduled for June?? was originally supposed to be April.
I cancelled my order for #8 out of 8 and am going with #1of 8 for 2003. I figure a couple of additional months at most will yield a better car, and a better choice of colors. Not worried about price increase, as it will be minor.
I would still opt for the '02, especially if I could get it by summer..I think this is the significant year for t-bird.
BTW....I have a '05 ordered, #1 at my dealer.
don't know what I will do with 02..probably have to keep it?
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