status by computer

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I have tried the 800# to get a status on my bird and they tell me that # is for dealers only. I was wondering if anyone knows how to get information by using the status inconcepts on line as the 800# suggests.
I have tried the automatic mode several times and cannot get it to understand all of my imformation.


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Get the dealer code from your dealer. If they refuse to give it to you, it can be found on all the windsheild of new vehicles.

Then call the 1800 number and state your dealer code / first name / that you wish to check the status of a build order / give them the last digits of your VIN.

You should have no probem passing yourself off as a dealership employee looking for information on a build order.

Worked for me, even was able to check on serial numbers before and after my vehicle VIN, not even associated with the dealer code I was calling under.

I guess that all has to do with the person you hit when you call.... (Try try try again).
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