Stalling issue update

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Here is a reply that I received from Patrick McNamara, who is the point person for this problem at Ford. There are several possibilities but no solutions at this point. I'm posting this information to let you all know that Ford is definitely aware that there is a problem and that they have a team who is focused and working on this issue.

Brian Gowing
Lincoln LS Owners Club
We have many different theories on the stalling issue, but we don't have root cause or a single solution:

- We have a fuel transfer pump quality issue where flash plugs the orifice thereby not allowing fuel to get pumped from the left to the right side of the tank. It shows up with less than 1/3 tank of gas where the sender runs dry. Some of your auto crossing maneuvers may have sloshed fuel to the left side of the tank and it didn't get pumped back if they had this condition.
- We've had some bad relays where the fuel sender does not get voltage. They can be intermittent.
- We've seen some wiring connection issues that can also be intermittent.
- We had a Transmission issue where the wrong valve body was installed; which typically leads to hard 2-3 or 3-4 up shifts but could also lead to an idle stall.

The LLSOC website verbatims have been very helpful in our understanding of symptoms . I'll let you know when we finally isolate root cause and have a repair. We now have a team focusing on this issue.

Thank You, Patrick McNamara
LS & M205 Powertrain Resident and QRT Supervisor, Wixom

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Excellant report, please keep us posted on future correspondance
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