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Received the following description from friend who lives in Michigan
Today on westbound I 94 at 7:00 pm I spotted a red Thunderbird coming up behind me. As it got closer something looked different about it. When it was next to me, the hood scoop is way different. It bulges up on top of the hood, is much higher (maybe 2 inches) covers more hood space, looks closed in the front (not a good scoop idea if you ask me) and teardrop shaped. It reminded me of a flat sort of hood scoop popular on early 60's thunderbolts and falcons for racing. Well...the car went by me and i couldn't keep up at 85 mph. Checked it out again as it slowed for an exit. Car had manufacturer plates.

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I also live in Michigan near Detroit and thought I saw that same car last week only it had the hard top off and the black soft top up. The scoop looked really strange. Not to my liking. By the way I put the chrome bezel on my white/white and it looks great.

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I don't think I have you listed in the database, please see my thread "Database Info for the New Birds - post here Update 1", thanks.

This sounds like maybe the higher scoop would allow room for a super charger. I know that the ones they used on my 89 and 90 Bird would never fit under the hood the way they are now. Dot, you may have spotted the first new super charged Bird.

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Gobird has a point. I beleive that Ford uses Eaton superchargers and they are a Roots type blower. They would probably require more engine to hood clearance.

Yes, a lot of them were like that and also many were NACA type scoops. These were originally developed for fighter planes, they are the type that are recessed into the hood and are kinda tear drop shaped.
The 2003 Mustang Cobra uses the Eaton supercharger and it also has a larger hood scoop than normal. I have heard rumors that there will be a limited supercharger option for 2003. Emphasis on rumor.
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