Sound system

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Just returned from my trip to key West, everything went smooth as silk till the sound system got a mind of it's own! The bass kept running to full and the balance liked to go all the way right. I I stopped the car and shut it down for 5 minutes all would be fine till the next time the evil pirit repossesed my sopund system. Anyone else having this problem?


PS only saw two other T-Birds on the road the whole trip (Maryland to Key West)Both were south bound on I-95, Blue Bird with hardtop on GA on 01-04-02, and a Red bird with hardtop in NC on 01-05-02.

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I have not had that problem but twice I have had a whine in the radio when I first turned it on, sounded similar to the sound you hear when a vehicle without resistor spark plugs is next to you at a light. I found that if I went to CD mode and then back to the radio it would go away.
JRod, my bird went in for her 3,000 mile oil change and I the salesman to have them swap the system out <him brother owns dealership> so we'll see what happens.
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