Sonic Report for Texas DFW group

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Our DFW group met tonight at the Sonic in Addison, north of Dallas. We had expected a normal night there so had planned to be able meet together at their patio tables and plan some future activities. Imagine our surprise when we showed up at 5PM tonight and found a car show in progress. 8 of the 11 who had said they'd be there, showed up and half of those entered the car show - (we decided not to cruise over to the other Sonic). Every 'bird that showed up was unique in some way and we had 5 of the 6 colors available - no yellow. We had 1 NM, 3 reds (red top, topless and white top), 1 white, 1 black, and 2 blues (1 soft top up and 1 white topped).
At the end of the show, 1st place awards were handed to the Bickels (best 80's & newer) and the Lowenberg's (best "alternate"?? whatever that is??)
Pictures have been loaded here
Everyone who came had a good time and for our next event, we'll be heading for east Texas for a day tour.

the New T-bird


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