Soft Top Wont Fit.

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Just got our new bird on Thursday and removed the hard top today. What a struggle getting the soft top into position! The 2 pins don't line up with the holes in the top of the windshield. Had to get out of the car and push on the top from the outside while my wife pulled from the inside, after a number of attempts we finally got it to seat properly. No way I could have done it myself. Seems to me that the top needs adjusting. Anyone else had this problem?

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It will get easyer after a few times. I had mine up to check it after taking the hard top off, and once to wash my bird. She sits in the garage top down waiting to go.

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I agree. It took me about 20 minutes the first time and I had to get my brother to help me. I left the soft top up overnight that same night and now it's a piece of cake. Just had to stretch out the fabric a little...
Same problem at first......but leave the soft top and in place for a few days. Park it in the sun for a little while and it will fit just fine.
I am going to tell you the same thing as the others. Mine was very hard to get into place the first few times but now it fine. It does need to stretch a little. The first time all my wife did is cuss at it. The T-Bird is her daily driver and it replaced a Mercedes SLK with a fully automatic steel top.
Be sure and put it all the way up. With the older convertibles, you released the switch when the top was almost in position. With the new Bird you should let the switch do the work of placing the posts in the receivers. You will not hurt the top.
At first, I had to reach out the window and pull down on the corners of the top too. Then I discovered: there are hand grips flanking the center lever on either side of the metal piece that it sits in. Now I just pull down on that - it is very easy to direct slightly from one side to the other - while I finish with the switch, and while I engage the hooks with the lever. I get plenty of downward force without having to touch the outside of the top.
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