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Jul 15, 2002
Hi Everyone, I love my T-Bird and hate to ask but I need some advice. When I removed the hardtop my soft top had creases and in places looked almost worn. After going back and forth with the dealer and ford factory rep, we split the cost and they installed a new top. It is now three months later and the same thing is happening again. Not having a convertible, is it normal to have stretching of the fabric where the top in certain places looks worn? Thanks for anyone input.

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Can you be more specific about the exact location of the wear?

My T-bird is 2 months old. Hardtop has been in the basement since day two. I put the soft top up and down pretty often and do not have the problem you describe.
Hi, Thanks for your response. I am not technical on this stuff so the best way to describe the wear is that that it is most obvious where the cross members end. If you look at the top from the inside you will see slits where you can put your hand in. It is directly above this opening. You can actually feel the end of the cross members inside.
I figured that was the location you were having the wear problem. As I mentioned, my soft top shows absolutely no wear whatsoever. I don't have any suggestions for you, but you have my sympathies as this is not a good thing. Can someone help Densbird?
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