So. California -Over MSRP?

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If you have not preordered a Tbird and want to buy one from a dealer 5000k over MSRP sounds pretty good. The going price for a showroom car in San Diego is 50k. I know of a Lexus dealer that bought one from a Ford dealer and turned around and was asking 53k for it. I know that it was gone in a week but I don't know what he got for it. I am lucky that I put down a deposit over a year ago and am getting mine at MSRP. If it was me I would go for it.
My order was entered in January and I paid $5000. over MSRP. That seems to be fairly typical. If you can negotiate that kind of a deal at this late date it would appear to be reasonable. Good luck.

California plate 02 BIRD
VIN # 8332
red/red/red premium
locked 12/17
ETA 1/14

Call Robbin Matthews (President) at Lompoc Valley Ford -- (805) 735-7676. He has a premium Black Bird with a red accent that's available soon. He will charge you near MSRP and will deliver the car to your door in L.A.

Tell him that his 1st T-Bird referred you.


P.S. Screw all those overpriced L.A. dealers!!!!
Although I didn't order my Thunderbird from Beverly Hills Ford, I did order a set of Thunderbird logo floormats through them. Stopped by today to pick them up. They are worth the $53 price - very nice. Surprised those mats aren't standard equipment.

BH Ford had an all-black premium on the floor with a $30K markup @ $69,995. How absurd. I sure hope nobody supports that kind of unashamed gouging.

A close friend saw my Bird today and fell in love. He was planning to buy a BMW 330, but after driving the Thunderbird the Bimmer seems like old hat. This guy is picky and found no flaws in styling, performance, or assembly. But he won't pay over sticker for any car. Too bad, I'd love to see this guy in a Thunderbird.
Been reading for several months...time to join in. Great forum.

Ordered October 9, 2001 with local dealer in Carlsbad at MSRP. Done business with him before. He promises "loyal customers" MSRP. Latest info is February, maybe January. He has schedule now for #16 and I am #19.

He has offered me two cars (red and black)since October due to cancellations but I'm waiting for my white/white/black premium.

I missed my '57 Tbird and my '84 vet is getting tired.
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