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Dec 6, 2001
I have noticed more movement out of my hard top with the colder weather. Is this normal. It seems like it has lost its snug fit that it had months ago which made it fit like a regular car.

I took it off yesterday -- in part due to the break in So Cal weather -- and to give it a rest.

Is anyone else experience a loosening of the fit or more flex-sounds out of the top? I would like to know what is the normal expectation out of this type of roof.

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I have noticed the same condition. I have my car since 12/14 and the weather has not really allowed me to take the top off so it is on as from the dealer/factory. In the last couple of weeks we have had some really cold weather here in Dallas and I have noticed much more movement noise between the top and the body. When I first got the car I was amazed at the lack of this noise.
I have noticed more movement in the 02 hardtop over the 56.
I have yet to go to the detailer to get a custom cut clear "bra" for the hardtop cowl area.
The movement and dust that gets under rubber seals are eating paint off the new birds.

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I have really noticed this with my 'Bird as well. I mean, the hardtop now creaks and groans something FIERCE at non-freeway speeds, and it's quite bothersome. It started happening after about 3,000 miles (not sure if it was related to the weather or not). I was going to ask the service people to look at it when I get the oil changed, but it sounds like this is a common problem. I would love to hear advice from anyone as to whether it's normal for a removable hardtop and what we might be able to do about it.
Creaks and groans. Those were the darn words I was searching for!!!

What have you 55 and 56 folks done?? Is it the latch?? It seems that by placing some type of rubber on the body where the hard top fits, we can increase the grip and seal we feel when pushing the latches into the lock position.

We might also find such a seal will protect the paint for the aforementioned rub. I wonder if there is some company that makes aftermarket stuff like this or is it something we have to do ourselves?

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Have not noticed any noise on mine but the weather here has been nice. Just put the top back on yesterday and we are supposed to have some cooler temps this week, I will listen for it.
On page 79 of the owner's manual under installing the removeable top there's a caution note to check the front screw fittings after 30 to 40 miles. I can't help wondering if this might be the problem, and if it's something that should be done routinely.

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This morning it was 33 degrees on the drive into work. I delibertly hit every rough spot on the road to work just to make the car shake some (most roads here are pretty smooth). I did not hear any creaks or groans, just a quiet as it could be.

My top has been off and on probably 4 or 5 times, don't know if this would make any difference.
Mine seems fine too, and I've had it off about 3 times. The weather here has gone from 90's to teens and back to the 60's and still no creaks. Maybe an idea would be to losten it, lift it gently off it's pins and put it back down to re-seat everything. I only suggest this since Jodrod and I bot have no problems and we weem to be fairly active in taking it on & off.
I took mine off a few days ago and plan to put it back on soon. I hope that works.

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