Sittin' on pins & needles

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Can't believe that I've done it, but right now, this very minute Amadeus is taking a spin around town under the control of an attorney and his wife. He has an Aurora and she has a Z-3 BMW. He's interested in getting an '03, but wanted to check out the car first.

The heat must be getting to me----they're DOOK fans on top of it all.....those Carolina stickers and the license plate ought to keep them straight.

I'll expect a sales commission if they buy one.

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I expect you ought to go ahead and come to the Beach about now. Get down here and soak your head in the cool surf off the Cherry Grove Pier. You may have lost it. First of all, you let an attorney drive your car! Second, they have a Bimmer!....and third...worst of all....Dukey!
I feel bad about this.
Give me an e-mail and I will be happy to make accomodation arrangements for you for the first weekend in August. We can provide safe parking accomodations at least for Amadeus....if there is any of him left after today!

We're home now, safe and sound. Seems as though I might have made a sale--they're ready to order. Much more impressed with the Bird than either the Aurora or the BigMoneyWoes.
Heelbird, have you lost your mind? Whoops, instead of posing that as a question, I will restate: it appears that you have indeed lost your mind! Hopefully only temporarily :) On the upside, you are a most generous lad. In my six weeks of T-birdship, I have yet to let anyone drive my vehicle, despite a long list of requests. I'm sure I will give in soon, but to turn my T-bird over to a pair of Blue Devils, ugh, I don't think I could do it!
Well, the only reason I did it was that I am the local treasurer for the AmCancerSociety, and the wife of the atty is the local Relay for Life co-chair, so I knew a little about them. I'm still pretty crazy, though. Have let my lifting partner (22 year old, no less) take it to school a couple of times. He's a level-headed kid (the kind you'd want to design a son after), so it's kind of a reward for his good work in school.

As for the dookies, I just felt sorry for them!
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