Silly license plate bracket question

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I think this might be a silly question, but...

A while ago I bought a silver Thunderbird license plate bracket from the Ford Collection, I believe. I just today got my California plates, and I was wondering...

I think it looks better to just screw the plate itself into the allotted area on the car, rather than to use one of those brackets. What is everyone else doing?
Call me old fashioned but, my dealer really cared about this tranaction as he did with my 98 Mustang. For this reason, I don't mind a little advertising on the license plate frame. It also avoids the question of where I got it.

I am planning to move 400 miles away at the end of January so I may not keep the dealer frame on after the move. I was thinking of getting the Thunderbird Frame from the Ford Collection or some place else which might be a litle less expensive.

My personal feeling is that it does need a frame or else it doesn't look right.
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