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57 bluebird

57 bluebird

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Feb 7, 2002
Thunderbird Year
I was scheduled to be in 2 car shows this weekend with my '57 Bird, but it is waiting for it's front bumper to come back from the chrome shop. So I took the '02 bird. I was not sure if they would let it in because it was a new car. Not only was I allowed in , the car drew a lot attention. I answered a billion questions. I was asked to open the hood, the trunk and demonstrate almost everything that moved on the car. I was parked next to my friends '57 bird so there was a lot of comparing. I even won a trophy !!! I wish I could get some kick backs because I know several people said they were going to their Ford dealers this week to see what kind of deal they could make.

2002 Black/Black/Full Red
1957 Starmist Blue
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