Sharing some Thunderbird Photos

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Nice pics, really like the blue with the white top.

I can tell by the way you are dressed that the temperature must be nice but the trees sure make it look cold. Spring (and top down weather) is just around the corner. I will pull my top off today and it probably won't go back on for months.

You REALLY know how to hurt a guy...

Here I sit waiting for my one and only and looking at your three....

If you need an extra garage for storage, I'm your man....
maybe it's because I have a Neiman, but I really like the effect with the color of hardtop different than the car. I haven't seen a yellow/white yet, but I think it will look great. How do you decide which color to drive each day?

neiman vin#00035
delivered October 4, 2001
Thanks to everyone for the nice comments.
Jodrod; Saturday was in the 70s in North Myrtle Beach; but yes, the look of winter is still with us. It won't be long until it changes.
rlstonejr; Our Neiman car is driven only enough to exercise it. Most of the time it is kept in a garage.
Susi drives the red car. It has replaced an LS that we had leased. The blue car is for me to drive; but it is going to be garaged most of the time because of the climate here. On a daily basis I drive an F150 pickup!
Susi and I invite any fellow TBird enthusiasts to visit with us in North Myrtle Beach. We have some local hotel accomodation arrangements at low costs other than the big weeks like easter and July 4th.

I saw a Yellow/White at a dealer here recently, and it does look pretty nice. Also, our hometown Ford dealer just got in a Blue/White/Full Blue Premium (my first color combo choice), so I guess I will have to swing by, brave the vultures circling the showroom and check it out. If they have any hope of selling me a car, they had better let me sit in it, at least (I'm 6'4"), though I doubt they will and suspect they are going to be gouging as much as the other area dealers and I will be looking elsewhere or waiting.


Nice pictures & nice cars!

Dennis Grant
1960 HT 208K
1992 Sport 230K

Here are a couple more photos; the first one should be titled: "The Red car is in the lead, and the lazy Neiman can't quite keep up!"

Finally; I know it's not a Thunderbird but I wanted to share another special Ford with my friends here. This is a recreation of my first car. It has been a work in progress for about a year and it continues. This is a 1965 Ford Fairlane 500 Sports Coupe (k car) with hipo 289, 4 speed and 4:11 gears.
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