Servicing a factory defect

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I just received a call regarding replacement for my has some hairline cracks that I originally thought were scratches. Turns out the hood is defective and needs replacement under warranty. I was informed Ford service people need three days and will not be providing a loner vehicle since I didn't purchase the extended warranty. Does this sound like good business? Any suggestions on how I can get a loner?

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I'd think that if the car is under warranty, which it most certainly should be if you haven't driven the wheels off of it in such a short time, that the dealer should provide a loaner. Sounds like your dealer isn't too interested in making the Thunderbird experience the wonderful thing that Ford told them to make it when the pre-car information was sent to the salesforce. They were reminded of the heritage of the marque, and to do things like arrange to visit the customer at home to help remove and replace the hardtop---courtesy types of things.
You're dealing with Ford, what to you expect?
Hold on, JRL. This may just be a bad dealer policy, not Ford. I had my bird in for about three days and was repeatedly offered a rental car at no cost to me. So far my dealer seems to have listened to Ford and is attempting to make this a pleasant experience.
LIsten 10 of 11 (you sound like a borg)my
comment is for Ford's customer service in general.They seem to take a policy of not going the extra mile for the customer. My recent experiences with Lexus, Volvo and(Toyota) show me that customer service done properly is a really satisfing experience for the consumer and is designed to keep you with that car company for a long time. Ford can really ruin your day.(or going back to Chevy or Chrysler for that matter).
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