Select Shift?

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This is the one of two items I told the Ford lady who called about my two cents on the car.

Don't understand why they didn't have that shifter as an option in the first place.

Supercharger was the other, but knew that wasn't even out there yet.

Educate us on this shifter thing. I use D4 quite a bit to slow down instead of the brakes. Sometimes I also use it for a moderate speed pass.

Is this cool or am I doing damage to the transmission? And what will this LS shifter option do that the current one won't?

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rt2esq: -- It's a dual mode shifter used in many automatic transmission performance cars. Chrysler has it in the 300M and the Sebring, Lincoln uses it in the LS, Mitsubishi in the Spyder, Porche, Audi, BMW etc. It's either a side to side motion or a seperate gate in the shifter for forward/back movement of the lever to shift gears. Some are using paddles on the steering wheel to shift the transmission. All it does is allow the driver more control over the automatic. IMHO, it's an inexcusable ommission from the T-Bird.
It allows sequential selection of the gears, either up or down from the gear currently selected, generally with bump or tap motion of the selector.
I had a 300M. Shifter was fun and worked great. I used it mostly for downshifting butI worked through the gears quite often. It makes for a car that stays new longer. I had it for 3 years and loved it as much the day I turned it in (lease ended) as the day I brought it home. Ordered T-Bird in July and had it delivered by Santa. Shifter would have been nice on the T-Bird
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