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This is our 1st convert. As you all know, it's not just a convert, but a convert that gets great attenion.
Is there anything I should know (Dos and Don'ts)regarding security, parking at malls,or anywhere for that matter?
Do any of you have guide lines regarding the amount of time you leave the Bird parked with the top down in a public area?

I realize these are dumb questions, this is new ground for us.
I wouldn't leave mine for long periods of time in a public place. When I do leave it for a short while, I just make sure I move all the loose items to the trunk and lock the trunk button.
and the glove compartment. Jim W.
Originally posted by Tbird Lover:
I wouldn't leave mine for long periods of time in a public place. When I do leave it for a short while, I just make sure I move all the loose items to the trunk and lock the trunk button.
Also check the unlock buttons on the door. last time I tried to use them to unlock the car after i had used my remote to lock the car, the horn sounded.
of course this was with the top down!
I just did a test on mine. With the top down. I tried locking the car with the buttons on the door and after letting it set for about 30sec I hit the unlock button on the door and it wouldn't open the locks and then I tried to open it with the inside door handle and the alarm went off. I got the same result using the key fob to lock the car.
This tells me that we do have some protection in the car even with the top down.

Even with this you would not want to leave anything in the car that can be picked up off the seat or the back tray.

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Also, the CD eject button still works without the key in the ignition, I haven't lost any yet.


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never leave anything visible in the car with the soft top up or down. a good pocket knife will allow a thief easy access and cost you a lot more than just the lost merchandise. I used to always leave my convertible unlocked for this reason. with the security features on this car, it makes sense to lock it.

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Always lock your doors. People will walk by and just grab the door handle to see if it will open. Some not even trying to steal anything, just doing it for fun.

As far as Birds go, I have never had one abuse the interior of any convertible I have owned(89-02). Birds like to cover shiny objects that obstruct their view when in flight. That is why when you wash your car they try and cover it up. Your interior is not reflective enough for them to purposely aim at it.

You can always place a towel over the seat when the top is down if you feel the need. I just leave the boot off and close the top whenever I am leaving the car for more than 20 minutes.

A note on security. I left my 85 Mustang GT Convertible parked in a lot a few months ago with the top down. The car 4 spaces over was broken into and the radio stolen all while I was in the store (less than 30 min.) I guess my old radio was not worth taking. I do not leave anything in the interior for anyone to see. I doubt anyone wants a ford factory stereo.

Paul H.
I haven't left the new bird with the top down. The only problem I ever had with my '56 when it was parked on the street was someone threw a cigar butt into the car. Seemed pretty unneighborly to me.

Recently had the 2002 out with the convertible top. Had it up and then down until started to rain. I really do appreciate how the top works and how easy it is to put up and down. Early on I had a bit of a problem with the top stretching to fasten easily (had to push down a bit on the right side to get it to latch. But since I have had the top up for a while, it all works great. Boy do I like this car!

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If you lock the door with the power lock switch BEFORE you shut the door, it will also arm the security system. When the system is armed, the power trunk and unlock switch on the doors won't work. Amazingly enough, with the security system active, you can open the glove compartment and the light inside comes on, but that won't trigger the alarm. So lock the glove compartment if you don't want anyone in there. I keep my garage remote, insurance card and sunglasses in there. Wouldn't want those things to be too easy to take.

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