Seat Heaters Installed and Tbird Plaque Placement

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I have successfully installed the seat heaters (just in time for Summer, of course) that I ordered from Rostra Precision Controls last month. It took me about 6 hours to install the heaters on both the driver and passenger seats. I did not remove the seats. I could probably do it much quicker, now that I've done it once. I have posted photos, showing the placement of the switches at the tops of the seats, next to the seatback recline levers.

I have also placed my "Owner's Thunderbird Plaque" on the door panel, just above the switches for the windows and doors.

Here are the photos of everything:

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Very nice work...great photos!
How much did the heaters cost?

Did you feel that you risked damage to the car by doing this yourself? I.e. was it difficult/did it require a lot of skill?

What tools did you ?

Did you have to drill a hole to put the switch in?

Any reason you particularly chose Rosta?

On an earlier post someone said "there's an empty switch plate right in front of the shifter. That would be the ideal place to mount a switch."
When I last saw the car, I didn't see this. Does it exist (don't have my bird yet)?

Was this location an option?
I ordered the seat heaters from the folowing website:

I had seen an article in my local newspaper about this "new" seat heater kit available to the public...I don't know of any other company that offers such a product.

The cost of the seat heaters was $129.00 for each seat. The part number is #250-1550.
It is a universal design, so don't be bothered if you try to order the seat heaters and don't see the 2002 Thunderbird listed...just order it for another model of vehicle and you'll get the same thing.

I was EXTREMELY nervous and postponed from weekend to weekend the installation of this product. I did poke and pry, for days prior to installation, just to know what I would be getting into when I started this.

If you have patience and have some type of simple electrical skills, anyone can do this. You can read the complete instructions on the Rostra website listed above, prior to placing your order...just to know what is involved in installing these.

I did have to drill a hole for each switch. I thought about the blank panel in the dashboard, just in front of the shifter...but I think that the switches that come with the seat heaters would not look good on the dash. Also, the wires and connections are not long enough to reach that far from the main controller unit for each seat. I chose the top side of each seat because that way I could just reach over and flip on the switch for a passenger, to prewarm the seat, prior to them getting in the vehicle. It would also be easy to make sure that it had not been left in the "On" position when not needed.

This is not an easy installation, but with enough patience and skill anyone can have seat heaters in their 2002 Thunderbird's. I'd save the blank panel on the dash for possible something better than switches for the seat heaters...maybe Ford or someone else will come up with something clever for that spot...I would love to have a coin holder there or something creative like that.
Tbirdtim, this is in no way meant as a flame, but can you explain to this Californian the need for a seat heater? In Georgia? Granted, my bird hasn't seen any sub-freezing weather here since January, but that natural leather warms up to 98.6 at first touch, so to speak.

I grew up in Michigan and remember plenty of mornings when an engine block heater or keyhole warmer would have been a welcome addition, but if sitting on cold vinyl was a problem, the answer was sheepskin seat covers. 'Course that was back in the 70's.
There are times (even in Georgia) when seat heaters are a nice feature. I also travel North to visit my family during the Winter months too. I've had them on my last 3 vehicles and really thought that it was a mistake for Ford to leave them off of the Thunderbird this year. I think that, to me, the seat heaters are nice in the Spring and Fall and on those cool mornings, when driving with the top down. It's kind of like having a heated swimming just extends the enjoyment during cool weather. Heated seats can also be very nice to aching backs. The seat heaters from Rostra allow you to switch on just the back section of the seat or both the back and bottom sections.
we have driven top down in Florida on cool evenings (that's anything below 70 to us) with the heater blowing full blast. seat heaters would be welcome at those times.

neiman vin#00035
delivered October 4, 2001
I used the seat heater on my way to work this morning. It was 50 degrees (chilly), with the top down but the seat heater felt great! Ford should have included this feature (even as an option) on these cars.

Another feature available on some cars are seats that circulate cool air through them...I think that this would be a great addition too!

Thanks for the info on the seat heaters. I'm almost always 'topless' and have wished they were offered as an option as well.
I'm going to order and install them....and I'm in Southern California!
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