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Well as posted before we are on our 5 or 6th
salesman. Must be a high turnover in this
field. Mother didn't want to meet said
been up there enough in 2 years.

So I stopped, that way he could tell his
manager had made contact.

Just let him talk. Told was a Priority 16
which meant was the 16th car to be delivered
to the dealership. They are up to priority
10 which tells the dealership has recieved
10 cars so far. In January they have 4
cars coming in. I didn't say a word but
Ok. When ordered the car owner told and
saw the list, only being alloted 8 cars.
Has anyone heard of a dealership receiving
over 10 cars so far. Have had the same
priority code since day 1 and don't expect
a change soon. Said don't receive the VINS
till after the car is built, again just went
OK. I figured will have another salesman or
2 before see the car.

Wanted to bring up the question that a person
on the old forum (BON) posted a number with
the dealership which was ours. But felt
he would not know what to make of it.

In our case the slot may not
mean much since we didn't want the car
delivered till March. So they could be moving
us around to accomplish this.

If some of the people are anxiously awaiting
their car, this guy would have them totally
confused. A customer in next stall was
asking about information on the bird. Her
salesman couldn't even find the book. It was
right on the shelf in plain site, not my job
to find it.

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Certainly one of the benefits of visiting a site like this is the wealth of information you can get. Here is my understanding - (Correction will come if I am wrong.)

Priorities that a dealership can put on a vehicle range from 10 to 45 (I believe). Priorities below 10 are reserved for Company use.

Dealerships can use the priority codes to sequence their vehicles or give them all the same priority number and let the order submission date determine the allocation/production sequence.

The vehicle VIN is assigned as soon as the order is picked from the allocation system and it is put in the production scheduling system. It may age there for 2 weeks or more until a build date is established.

It sounds like you may be number 7 if they used priority codes to sequence their vehicles and they started with 10. The sales manager could probably tell you, but he likely has his hands full with rookie sales people.

I would call the salesmanager once every two weeks (mid-week) and ask if your vehicle has been serialized (assigned a Vin). When you have a vin, you can then check the Yahoo production/Vin site to see when you would be coming up in the production cycle.
Our 3rd salesman was great he was getting
a Blue Bird right behind ours. So still
going on his information provided to us.


Said we were number 6 at that time. Since
not expecting the car soon. Just not making
a big fuss now. But we (I) needed to speak
with the new guy, sure he has to report to
a team leader.

It's been so long not worth getting into
what he said with his manager. 2 years
and counting.

Get a lot of information from this site
as to what is happening. Told mom when
it nears Feb 02 will call geneal manager
and see status. Or maybe by than if this
salesman is still around he will be better
informed. ???? If see some #6 being reported
by some here than could start checking.

Did say you can not order Yellow Birds
anymore, but if you have one
on order will be made. Anyone hear this.
We still have only yellow coming in.
See if you can get your order number from the dealer. Then, armed with that and your dealer code (easily snagged off any car window sticker that has been delivered to the dealer), you can call the 800 number and check your status. The dealer code is the 6 digit alpha/numeric code. Drop the letter, you're left with a 5-digit number, and you have the dealer code to use for the 800 status check. You do not have to have the 17-digit serial number to check your status. I went for months checking my status with only my order number. Of course, I almost fell out of my chair when the recording said, "You have been serialized." Fortunately for me, that is all history now, as I am driving (and loving) my TBird Blue 02. It is a great car.
Good luck with your wait.
Hugh in Houston
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