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Our salesman was explaining the questionaire
will receive from Ford about our experience.


Anyway said if we don't rate him a
completely satisified (not very or just
satisified has to be completely) we might
as well not send it in. I've have had
this told to me by other salesman, so not
just this Ford salesman.

Could our dealer member explain this.

Our gripe is not with the salesman (he
sort of inherited us) but we are not at
all happy the way was treated by the
management level. There is no way can
give this dealership a completely satisfied.
Don't want to reflect bad on him, so should
one just not send it back

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Ford & Toyota both grade their respone cards the same. If there is even one check mark less than exellent then they are considered zero's for the whole survey. The only way they (manufacturer) count the survey as a good point to the dealer is if you are completely satisfied or excellent on each & every question. Kinda hard for the dealer to gather a lot of good points towards there goal when the only counted score has to be perfect.

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The whole purpose should be to find out what their doing wrong and work to correct it... Not to just say "We are doing a perfect job".. If what they are doing is correct, Every Ford Dealer should be "Blue Oval" certified....
A lot at stake here for you and the dealership. Decide what you want to happen.

Do you want the Dealership handling of customers to improve? Call the dealer or General Manager and tell then that you are having a hard time with the survey. You will get their attention. Let them know that you are completely satisfied with the salesperson but not satisfied with the (sales manager, finance manager, general manager, etc.). Based on their response, you can decide to give them a completely satisfied, give them a less than completely satisfied score or toss the survey.

I suspect they will jump through hoops to get a completely satisfied survey. If they sound like they will address the situation and correct it, go for completely satisfied. If they blow you off and you don't ever intend to go there again, you can give them a bad score. They will likely know who did it.

If you have to go there for warranty work, etc. then give them the best score or toss the survey. No sense having your service file annotated as a "never-will-be-completely-satisfied" customer.
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