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In talking with Birdman93 this morning he has asked me to post for him - "The Birdman has left the building". There are some things that have happened here that made him elect to leave the forum. He did say that you can contact him through the Thunder on 66 site.
Goodbye Birdman93, we will all miss you. But looking forward to seeing you on Thunder on 66.

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I think I may have stepped on his toes once in the "USAF Thunderbirds" thread on page 2. Check the 7th and 8th entries. However, he did post after that.

This is also the same time that the "New Bel Air" debacle happened and if you check the "Layoffs" thread you will also notice FDCAPTAIN said goodbye.

OH Brother. There sure are some sensative egos here. Guys, let's just have fun, this is not the place for pettyness or bickering, it's a place for information, sharing and friendship. I have certainly put my foot in my mouth more than a few times, but for anyone to take things personally is a huge mistake. The only one losing out is the one leaving. It's too bad that Joe's public apology wasn't enough as that's all it should take.

Is this a conscious decision to voluntarily leave the forum? I received an email from him saying that he had lost some information after upgrading his computer to Win XP and was hoping people would resend messages to him. This probably isn't the reason behind his leaving, though, huh? We hope that all our departed FRIENDS will monitor the forum occasionally to see how much we miss them and enjoy their contributions, and perhaps reconnect with us.

With best regards, good luck, and a fervent hope we will talk again!

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David, I don't agree that the one that leaves is the one that loses.. We all lose.. Who is to say that the certain someone may find something of interest and because of hard feelings will not share it with the group.. I followed the forum for some time before I signed up.. Somethings do get carried away(the M3 guy for instance).. We all have an interest in being here..(The New Bird) and no matter how small someone's input is, it's still valuable to someone on the board.. If we just stick to the topic and quit going off on tangents, We will all benefit from the board..
I found your input valuable.. Chrome porthole wings.. Have Them.. Painted bird on the wheel caps.. Ordered the paint.. It's all "Really Good" information, and I'm fortunate to work with computers all day long.. I get the chance to check in...Let's just keep the information flowing.. Look at All The Work jodrod's doing.. "Super Valuable" Thirdbird getting his bird, Gobird's coming real soon, Exciting News... I hope everyone is enjoying their New Bird as much as I am... Let's keep it going in the right direction.. It's a "Good Thing"..
PA 02 Bird: I never took it as a correction, but I do think you were right. Thank you for the kind words, I appreciate them as I am sure Jodrod does and ALL the rest of the people on the board. I jsut realized that Birdman93 is **********. He's the gentleman settng up the Route66 trip isn't he? Does this mean the Route66 trip is in jeopardy also? Tony, if you read this, you never acknowledged receipt of the 4 toy birds I sent you back in Mid December. I have sent several e-mails as well but to no avail. If you diod get them, please let me know, if not, I'll out a trace on them. Thanks and please reconsider your leaving us.
No this does not jepordize the Thunder on 66 trip. He is just upset with some items on the Forum that he did not want me to disclose.

Yellow/Yellow Prem. 02 Bird w/full accent
1999 F150 Super Cab 4x4 Off Road
1998 Taurus SE Sport 24V
Received our copy of the **** Scoop today. Really enjoyed seeing Lon's Yellow Bird on the cover, and nice article. Tony you are to be commended on the publication a very nice job.
Just wanted to say thanks to my friends here-and it was not the commenst by Joe that made me decide to leave-we had pretty well put that behind when InfernoRed made a nasty little comment in the USAF Thunderbirds Topic-that is why I chose to leave the forum.

See even though I jokingly talk about that kind of stuff, like fast-movers (Fighter Jets) and Trashhaulers (Prop aircraft), you have to remember the background I came from. I spent 22 years total in the US Navy, retiring as one of the few persons ever to reach Master Chief Petty Officer in the SEALs. I proudly served with 6, 2 and Red Cell, and I spent 12 of those 22 years in the Middle East. I have great respect for the aircraft and the crews that carried my men and I into harm's way-so comments from, well, I have to be polite so I won't say what I'm thinking right now.

Anyway-for those that sent the pedal cars-a great big thanks!! With the set that I found on my doorstep today, I now have over 70 cars for goodie bags-and these bags will only go to the Thunderbird owners!! *G* the rest of the bags will also have something nice in them-but the bags with the pedal cars will be unique keepsakes.

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Originally posted by LON O'CONNELL:
In talking with Birdman93 this morning he has asked me to post for him - "The Birdman has left the building".

Unfortunately written communications (especially hasty ones) as seen on forums and email is crude at best. It also leaves open interpretation by the reader in many cases, and if the writer, is poor at relaying his thoughts you've got a problem.

Over half of communications is non-verbal.


Communication Methods
Experts say that communication is composed of different methods: words, voice, tone and non-verbal clues. Of these, some are more effective in delivering a message than others. According to research, in a conversation or verbal exchange:

Words are 7% effective

Tone of voice is 38% effective

Non-verbal clues are 55% effective. (see footnotes)


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