Rust Already?

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Car built week of 12/17. Delivered in Calif last Sat. Sunday I decide that the 7 spoke chrome wheels need "something". I take the center caps off and find moisture in them. On all 4 wheels there is rust on the axles and the wheel right as it joins the axle. I have a lot of experience removing rust, but also HATE rust. I cleaned the rust off and coated the area with grease. I know, you can't see it with caps on, but I still have soe concern about the moisture creating rust when the car is only one month old.
By the way my solution for what the wheels needed was the Thunderbird logo in the middle of the wheel cap painted turqoise matching the emblem on the trunk. Went to hobby store, got paint and I like it!

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If I am not mistaken, that assembly is made of cast iron. I have noticed in just a days time here in FL (high humidity) that the rotors will show signs of rust. The rust you see on the wheels must be coming from the rotor assembly as the wheels are chromed aluminum.

BTW some else did the same to the Bird logo, I think it was FDCAPTAIN.

Speaking of which, FDCAPTAIN, please rejoin us, you have made your point.

"greyfox11: Someone else painted the center also, but we've not seen the results. Any chance of posting a picture of your center caps?"
Can't figure out how to attatch a pic to the reply. Be happy to e mail a pic to anyone interested.
Any metal surface that is cast iron,or milled iron and has no protective coating will rust almost imediately.This is normal and is actually a natural way of iron protecting itself(although it is ugly),it is like a scab forming over the bare area.Brake discs are notorious for this and in high humidty areas will form a slight rust coating within hours of last use...contributing to the all annoying brake squeal.

Hobobob's the other one whose painted the centers of his hubs. he has access to a digital camera now so maybe he'll see this and get another picture for us to look at.
David A wrote:
I definately like the Center caps painted. What color paint was it and where'd you get it?
David the color is blue green made by Model Master. I went to local hobby store bought 3 little bottles of "turqois" paint, and this one is very close.
Couple interesting points: 1- the way the logo fits in the center cap makes it VERY easy to paint with a small brush.
2- People who see the car say "that is cool that Ford used turquois in the center cap".
Tip- Heat the back side of the center cap with a hair dyer prior to painting, the paint will flow and look like it was sprayed on- no visible brush marks.
Cool looking centercaps Greyfox!
Ford should have supplied them that way from the factory. They really set off the chrome wheels and give the car a more detailed look!
That's a great idea! I'm going to look for that one ("Blue Green" from "Model Master"). Is it easy to find? Or should I try the web?

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TBIRD11 asked
"That's a great idea! I'm going to look for that one ("Blue Green" from "Model Master"). Is it easy to find? "
Any store that sells models should have pretty good selection of paint. Small 1/2 oz bottle cost about $2.00. I took 3 colors that looked close to the turqois, took them home, painted a test on heads of chrome bolts, after drying the paint the blue/green was VERY close. Note: my "tip" on heating the cap with a hair dryer should have said to get it warm, not hot.
Hey folks....big time model builder here.I don't mean some zit faced kid either.31 yrs old,have been building since the age of 11.Worked in a hobbystore for 4 years as my first job.Do a heck of a lot of "scratchbuilding"...meaning studio quality models without any modelkit to start.The "Model Master" paints by Testors(or any model paints for that matter) are not made to and will not hold up to outside weather conditions...certainly not on a metal surface WITHOUT a primer base coat!The first time it is hit by highpressure water or a few trips through road grime during wet weather,it will start to chip off!Please invest in some actual auto paint...may be more expensive BUT it is designed to take that punishment...model paint is designed to sit on a shelf and look good.Just trying to save you some frustration.

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