RTBRD-- Your ETA was so close!!!!

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I just received a call from my salesman,
telling me TBird #114987 just landed. Your
delivery estimate was the 16th. Thank you
and everyone else for all the knowledge and
information I have gathered over these long
14 months. Our salesman is off tomorrow, so
we pick up car either Fri. afternoon or
Sat. morning.

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That's good news, I'll be looking for you on the NJ roads

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Bird02 Boy, Friday is SOOOO far away. The days, the hours, the minutes and the seconds. How are you going to get throught this time?? You have a couple sleepless nights awaiting you. I know how you feel, been there done that. BUT then comes that one minute, that one second when you walk out of the show room and climb behind the wheel. That is a moment in time when you will say. THIS CAR WAS WORTH THE WAIT!!!

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Friday seems like just seconds away, compared
to this long wait! I just hope we don't
have any rain. Weatherman is calling for
rain late Friday.
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