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Those of you going on the RT 66 Tour , do you plan on staying to the end of the other clubs Rally at the Wyndham? (the 25th) Or going back east immediately. And did you make reservations?

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We haven't made any reservations yet. Wife must fly back immediately as she is a teacher and must be at meeting on the 23rd, and first day of class is the 26th. Haven't made any decisions yet regarding myself. May ship car back and return with her, or drive back with a friend. I would like to hang around for convention activities for a couple of days if possible.

We wish the trip had been one week earlier, but those are the breaks. It's too bad the convention is so close to school start, I would thing it would be causing problems for lots of attendees.

Being a **** member, if i finish the trip, i havent figured that one out yet, ill be staying the weeknd for the convention.

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Unfortunately, a good portion of our members are either retired or the kids have left the nest-and I agree that the timing for the International was a little late in the summer. I have to fly my wife home from Vegas, because she has to be back at work on the 28th of August.

Next year the International will be held in Dearborn, MI, in June. The following year, it looks as though the chapter I head up, Cedar Valley Thunderbirds, will host the International in Cedar Rapids, IA. As you can imagine, I'm already working on that one! AMT/Ertl is based here-we are thinking of commissioning a special 2004 Thunderbird model from them. This is Grant Wood country (the artist who painted "American Gothic"), and we have the famous "Field of Dreams" baseball diamond up in Dyersville-yep, the one from the Costner movie! We also have the Mississippi Riverboat Museum in Dubuque, and a nice little sidewheel steamer that does dinner cruises on the river. The local shopping mall is interested in having the Concours located both inside and outside. To top it all off, we have the Amana Colonies about 20 minutes from CR, with great food and shopping. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to host the IC here in Iowa!

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