road &track road test annual 2002

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southwest la t-bird

red tbird on the cover and a GREAT article with a black bird inside. subtitle says "best t-bird ever". 5 pages with great pictures.

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Has anyone else been able to find this (R&T Road Test Annual)??? I've looked in multiple magazine shops with no luck. I did find the Aug R&T with the 2005 Vette on the Cover, but this isn't it.

southwest la t-bird - please send the re-print phone number.

Please advise!
I've had this magazine for about a month and got it at my local Barnes and Noble. I couldn't find a reprint number but, the east coast advertising staff number is 212-767-6371. Maybe they can steer you to the right person. Theres also a web site on the front page On the front cover under the UPC code, it says display until 7/23/2002 so, you can probably only get it thru the supplier themselves. Hope this helps.
looked at it again, title is road&track road test annual 2002- 34 exciting cars tested. bought it at books a million on ryan street in lake charles, la. looking inside there is a phone #212-767-6371. red bird on cover and article inside features a black one. ouote "dynamically, this is the best t-bird ever, by no means just a boutique car or a stylish cruiser" they loved it! hope this helps rp
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I have a friend at a company that distributes magazines, they normally shred them, but I should be able to get my hands on a few to give away since the pull date was just a week ago. I'll keep you posted.
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