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Jan 15, 2002

Just found out today that the State is RIFing several agencies due to budget overloads, and ours is one of them. Our agency is one of the State's smallest with only 15 employees and they are gutting us by at least 9 employees...don't know HOW the work is gonna get done!

The legislature, through its own bumbling, has run into a billion-dollar deficit for the FY2003 budget (beginning July 1), and they are balancing it (once again) on the backs of the employees...

SOOOO, what that means is I won't be signing on anymore (not that I did that much, anyway). My wife and I have chosen not to have internet at home, and this place was my only access to all of you.

Thanks for all the help, insight and excitement over the last year. I have learned an inumerable amount of invaluable information regarding our dream car just by listening to you all.

I'll probably be gone by the 1st of July...until then I'll write in every so often like I do now...

Thanks again,

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Best of luck to you, I hope it all works out.

Re the internet access, if you're keeping your home computer, can you get on line with one of the free services like Netzero or Juno? It would be a shame to go to no Internet at home....

Tom M
Originally posted by JimBob:

There are places you can get internet access for 9.95/month and also you can get computers pretty cheap.
Thanks, guys, for the suggestions on internet...we have a nice computer at home, we've just chosen (free or not) to not have internet at home.

The finality of the employment situation will come within the next 10 days...there are alot of rumors floating (this is the first time the State's been put in this situation...so you can imagine that the rumor mill is grinding out a full speed).

When job losses come, it will be at the end of June (I'll still be on the board until then).

Have gots lots of resumes out there...have some really great skill sets in place, so I don't feel reemployment will be an issue.

Until June 30th, I'll still be watching the board...HEY, how about that interior of the year award for the Bird...as if we didn't already know!
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