Reversal of roles

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I had to laugh yesterday as my dealers General Manager called me and asked if he could borrow my car. He said before you say no, let me explain. He said his eldest daughter was getting married this afternoon (Saturday) and they are having the reception at the Tascosa Country Club. The plan was for the dealers Service Manager to drive them to the reception in the dealers Model T but the clutch went out earlier that same morning. He said if you could meet us at the club around the corner from the club resturant & meeting rooms, he would like for his new son-in-law & his daughter to drive up to the reception in the T-Bird. About a total of 200 yards driving. Said he would pay me $50 which I declined. So I agreed and let them drive the car. Of course they arrived in Wedding Gown & Tux. As they pulled up in front of the building there was about 300 guests all awaiting them with bottles of liquid bubbles and little blow wands. Looked like the T-Bird was driving onto Lawrence Welk's stage. Anyways my T-Bird may be the first one to have a Bride & Groom in it 30 minutes after their wedding and wearing all the wedding attire. I'll ask the General Manager if i can get a picture or two to post.

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That's a great story, Lon. Come to think of it, I think Ford's marketing department is to be commended with the tag line "Let the stories begin..."

Looking forward to the wedding photos.
On June 15, my sweet niece Grace Ann got married at the beautiful Bel Air ski resort in Saugerties NY. She asked me 1 year ago if my Rolls Royce could be her weding car. The car that her father takes her to the ceremony in, and the newly married couple go from the ceremony to the reception.
Needless to say, at the appointed time, the Rolls had problems, so I said how about my beautiful Blue Thunderbird. She immediately agreed, and my car became her wedding car on a glorious sunny day
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