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I just talked to 3 of the local lock smiths and they all told me that they do make keys for the programmable locks , but NOT for the T-Bird. They all told me that I would have to go to the dealer to have this done. Just a though, sence I always like to have an extra key if one is misplaced or lost.

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if the system is anything like the one in my explorere, which i think it is. it is a lot cheaper to have a 3rd key made now, than making a second key after losing one. with the two keys you have now it is only the cost of the key and having it cut. you can program it yourself. (it's in the book). if you loose a key like i did
, they have to go into the computer and reprogram the one you have and then add the new one. my dealer's parts department advertises them $35 for the key and $80 to have them programed if you need it. I will take my code key down and have them get me a third one soon myself.

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