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Red Carpet for 2002 - What to embroider? Thunderbird not allowed

Discussion in '2002 - 2005 Ford Thunderbird' started by VolleyballJIM, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. Hi...Found a nice red carpet for my red/red 2002 from Afterthoughts Mats and their #410 red seems to be a good color for the floor mats. PROBLEM: They aren't allowed to embroider Thunderbird (or Ford). Not interested in seeing "my name in lights", but thought 2002 would be OK and wondered if anyone had a better idea for text to embroider. The mats look better embroidered or I'd just leave it off...Any ideas?
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  2. Mach5

    Mach5 2004 Merlot Lifetime Donor

    There is probably a good looking thunderbird symbol out in the public domain that you could use. Also, I'm not clear that the word "thunderbird" is actually a copyrighted or trademarked word. (Although Ford's specific font and script version maybe copyrighted.) You might want to check with another vendor. . .
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  3. Why not think up a name for your Bird & have that put on the carpet
    Or maybe something that represents the Bird like '11th Generation'
    Just let your imagination take over & go
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  4. Great idea; I may get it embroidered elsewhere!
  5. tbird

    tbird Forum Moderator Staff Member Lifetime Donor

    The word is trademarked. See this post- https://forums.fordthunderbirdforum...derbird-trademark-2018-ford-thunderbird.4777/

    No legitimate place is going to even want to fool with it because of the risk/liability.
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  6. I'm just going to embroider 2002 on them! thanks; interesting trademark info!
  7. BBird

    BBird Active Member Lifetime Donor

    Maybe "2002 T Bird" or just T Bird alone
  8. Skizix Savage

    Skizix Savage Mountain Shadow Gray Metallic Over Bright Tan Lifetime Donor

    Embroider “Make Orwell Fiction Again!”
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  9. tbird rug.jpg Just thought I'd say the mats I got from Lloyd Mats came out great (see photo). Wish I could have engraved Thunderbird, but "2002" looks ok...
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  10. Nice look, especially red mats on black carpet. Were they custom made?
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  11. Icewine

    Icewine Well-Known Member Lifetime Donor

    I’m not usually a big fan of the two-tone interiors, but those mats look really nice in there! A Thunderbird logo would have been nice, but as a retired Ford employee that had occasion to work with trademarks from time to time, I can tell you that Afterthoughts would not want to take on the Blue Oval ... very protective of what is theirs.
  12. Yes, custom made and less than 150 . . .Very happy with the results and feel of the mats.
  13. I guess what made it better with this company is that I ordered a different red, but they emailed and said many people weren't happy with the red I ordered (too bright), so they sent me 5 samples! They were right! Pretty good customer service and I used to teach customer service and experience good service "very infrequently"...IMO.
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  14. Love the look. I too have a partial red interior and may go with this route. Was their a certain color coded number for the ones u have? That way I don’t have to also go through picking from the different reds. ‘Thanks..
  15. I cannot recall the number (I think 410) but not sure; You can quote my order "McNamee" but you might just want to have them send the samples as you could possibly like one of the other 5 colors of red they have....
  16. Quickdraw

    Quickdraw 2004 Member of the Year Lifetime Donor

    I'm pretty sure you could legally embroider the word Thunderbird on your mats in a script. Google the word Thunderbird. There are all kinds of Thunderbirds, (airlines, computer software, motorcycles, Indian mythology, etc) and Ford can not restrict the use of the word. Ford can however prevent you from building cars with the Thunderbird name.
  17. I did locate the sample and it was #410.
  18. Gus Gutz

    Gus Gutz Well-Known Member Lifetime Donor

    and of course Thunderbird wine.
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