Red Bird has landed

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IFAHP60A12Y115548, Red/red premium has landed. Picking her up at 6pm. Even after telling the dealer that small lights are a no cost OPTION, came without them. Bummer, but dealer is ordering them.For all still waiting, it really will happen.

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Norman couldn't have said it better. Enjoy Snobd.. Many happy Miles and Smiles
Mine also came in without the supplemental parking lights. Dealer ordered them and the necessary harness. Looks kind of goofy with the painted covers there, but for sure when you are behind the wheel you won't notice.
Now that they are installed, I can't tell the difference, fun is fun!
Enjoy the little red one.
Originally posted by RazzFla:
Now have some fun we without envy you!

Thanks to all. To all who don't have your Birds yet, it is worth the wait. I pulled out of the dealer and cars started honking immediately. At the first light I stopped at two cars rolled down their windows and whistled. I'm 6' 2'' and the headroom is a little tight, but who cares. A special thanks to everyone on this board, especially jrod and redbird. I never would have made it without this Board.
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