Received VIN

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1st time checking-in. My salesman called Thursday with those 3 sweet letters - VIN. So I called the 800 # today to check. Yes indeed, I am officially in the system. Expected build date is week of Feb.11. They did not say when the ETA is. Just knowing they're going to build it is a relief. My deposit was put down Feb. 2, 2001. Got one big grin from ear to ear.

Ramm, you will love it and jodrod will want to know all your info.

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Gobird was right, please see my post "VINs/Dates/Destinations". Read the first post in the thread, it lists the info I would like to receive.

I see you are from Hatboro, I hail from Jenkintown, but have been in FL since '66.


You managed to move through the system quite a bit faster than me. I put my deposit down in Nov. of '99!!!! Order was placed on Feb. 1st, 2001. I received my VIN today.

The midlife crisis that provoked the purchase is but a distant memory, the world is much different than it was when I placed the order, joyful anticipation has long since turned to grim determination, but at last - at long last - a VIN.

Jodrod, I have e-mailed the particulars to you.
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