Recall for some TBirds

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Gang, saw this on the Ford media site so I figured I would let everyone know.


Reuters / June 14, 2002

DETROIT - Ford Motor Co. said on Friday that it was recalling 16,500 of its new Thunderbird convertibles to fix a potential problem with the driver's side seat belt.

The world's No. 2 automaker, plagued by a string of quality snafus since the Firestone tire recall in 2000, said the Thunderbird problem was detected in a 35-mile-per-hour frontal crash test conducted by federal safety regulators.

The driver-side seat belt was found to be partially cut after the crash test, Ford said.

The company said it had received no customer complaints about frayed or partially cut seat belts in the retro-styled 2002 model Thunderbird, which went into production last year.

The recall does not affect vehicles made after April 24, 2002.

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A little more info reported on Bloomberg;

"Ford said it would modify the seat trim so the belt won't be able to come in contact with the seat mechanism in a severe frontal crash."


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rlstonejr, just a little snip here and a little cut there should take care of that problem. Then use a little vinyl cement and your ready to go.

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Maybe someone could put a Tbird just delivered next to one that was built several months ago to compare the area of the seatbelt trim that they are talking about, because it seems that the cars made recently must already have the changes made to them.
the good news is that in the Ford release on the defect they also state:

"Preliminary results from the frontal impact test indicate the Thunderbird received a four-star and five-star rating for the driver and passenger, respectively. A five-star rating is the highest possible score. The Thunderbird received a five-star rating during a previous NCAP test for side impacts."
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